Mommy & Me

Name Brand Children's Items at Rock Bottom Prices

Mommy & Me started with the idea that moms deserve to be able to buy great brands without breaking the bank. Through faith, support from family and friends and lots of word of mouth, the doors of Mommy & Me were opened back in 2007. This one-room storefront would quickly give way to a growing shop and a thriving community of sellers and buyers.

Not sacrificing quality for quantity

Mommy & Me is a very selective shop. We do not accept everything from every seller – we are incredibly picky about what we will accept in our shop. This translates into amazing quality for our buyers and also allows us to sell our wares without worrying that we will be doing a customer a disservice. Items that don't sell end up either in our dollar store or as donations, which is a true gift. To be able to provide even a little assistance to those less fortunate is a blessing and Mommy & Me is grateful to be afforded that opportunity.

Not sure what Mommy & Me is like?

C'mon in! Our inventory is always changing, so stop by today and see what we have in stock. We look forward to seeing you at Mommy & Me!

We are accepting your Fall and Winter clothing now! Be sure to bring them in!

Earn some extra money today.
Bring in your outgrown items!
Items should be clean and stain free, neatly boxed ( no hangers needed)

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