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Consignment For Your Little One

At Mommy & Me we give like new items a new home! We hand choose our products to place in store that represent us as a high quality, family oriented and trusted business. Mommy & Me takes you and your family into full consideration during the buying and selling process. Our consignment store carries like new children's clothing, toys, furniture & more! We even have stuff for A mommy to be and brand new items for your little one.

With consigning your child's items, it gives you the opportunity to recycle nearly new items and make money while doing so. With our consignment program, we assure that you will get the best value for your items while receiving 40% of the selling price PLUS you can return back to pick up unsold items. We also offer an in store credit if you do not wish to receive your payment as a mailed check. We consider this a WIN! Our competitors are unable to match our consignment value or local feel. Choose a store that you trust and want to return to again and again.

We also have a user friendly portal to check on the status of;

  • The items you are consigning 
  • Your credit; through check or store credit
  • Check to see when your check gets mailed straight to your home!


Not sacrificing quality for quantity

Mommy & Me is a selective shop when it comes to the items we consign. We choose carefully items that are gently used, stain free, clean and even brand named products. This translates to happy buyers and pleased sellers! Stop spending a fortune on your children's products and trust the second hand treasures that we hand pick for you. Items that do not sell in the shop can be chosen to be donated or picked back up by the original seller.

Let Mommy & Me be your trusted consignment and thrift store in Tyler, TX to sell and browse for your little one today!

Not sure what Mommy & Me is like?

C'mon in! Our inventory is always changing, so stop by today and see what we have in stock. We look forward to seeing you at Mommy & Me!

We are accepting your spring & summer consignments now! Be sure to bring them in!

Bring in your outgrown items!
Items should be clean and stain free, neatly boxed ( no hangers needed)

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